Cloud Management: Setting up a Production Domain

Make your Moovweb project production-ready by following these steps.


If at any point you need further instructions, ask a question at our help center.

Production Site Request

Open a ticket on our Help Desk with the following information:

  1. The name of the project you’ll be deploying to production.
  2. The subdomain you’d like to use for your Moovweb-powered site (e.g., “” or “”).

Within 2 hours (regular PST working hours), we will enable a production-ready environment for your project:

  1. Set up your Production Domains
  2. Provision your project to be served from our production clusters
  3. Get you a direct line to our Support Team
What is a Production Domain?
Local Domain
When you’re working on your development machine, you use the “mlocal” prefix. Your project is available at a local domain, such as “”. This local domain is only available to your development machine.
Moovapp Domain
When you deploy to the Moovweb Cloud, by default you get a unique “muser1234” prefix and use the “” suffix. Your project is available at a subdomain such as “”. The subdomain can be hit by anyone on the internet (after they accept the “Moovweb Remix” disclaimer).
Production Domain
When you set up a production domain, you can make your project accessible to anyone on the internet on a standard URL, such as “”. A production domain also bypasses the “Moovweb Remix” disclaimer.

Set Up Your Own Domain

Once Moovweb has configured your production-ready environment, you can set up your own production (mobile) domain.


  1. Go to your project page and click on the “Settings” button. You will see a list of your domains and their corresponding CNAME entries.
  2. CNAME entries are in a standard format, with “” appended to each domain.
  3. Go to your DNS Registrar and set up a CNAME for your production domains according to these specifications.

Your DNS Registrar will have a DNS settings page that should look something along the lines of:

DNS Records

On this page, the DNS entry you add would look as follows:

“HOST:” points to “CNAME:”

Enable SSL Encryption (optional)

Moovweb allows you to enable secure logins and forms that pass sensitive information by encrypting communication between the browser and your application.

If you don’t have any secure domains on your site, you may skip this step!

To set up your SSL certificates follow these instructions:

  1. Go to your Control Center project and click Project Setting, and then select the Domains tab. Under the “Domains” section click on “Configure SSL” for the domain you’d like to secure.
  2. Enter the appropriate company information and a CSR will be generated (x.509 format).
  3. Have this CSR signed by a legitimate authority such as VeriSign.
  4. Upload the signed certificate as well as any intermediate certificates.
  5. Your site now supports secure transactions!

For more detailed, step-by-step instructions please read our note on SSL on Moovweb.

The site’s certificate is not trusted and I can’t visit the site.

Sometimes sites use an extra level of security that prevents your browser from allowing you to continue to insecure pages. If you’re using Chrome, there is actually a neat trick to get around this. Just type in the word “proceed” on your keyboard upon hitting this page and the browser should proceed to the destination. If you are not using Chrome, there is currently no way around this without the IT team updating these security settings.