Project Generator

The Moovweb Generator is a web interface you can use to generate and download a structured Moovweb project to use as a template when building your projects. To get to the Generator, run the Developer Dashboard in your working directory, and click the “Generate Project” button.

Source Site Settings

To define a Moovweb project for your website, you just need to give your project a unique name, choose whether you want a single-domain project or a rehosted project with subdomains, and then set the source domain Moovweb should transform.

The project name can be any set of letters, numbers, and underscores. This is the name you will use to manage and reference this particular project when it is downloaded into your local development environment.

A rehosted project with subdomains will allow you to specify a particular subdomain that users will need to enter in order to view the transformed version of your website. A single-domain project allows the Control Center to handle traffic to all of your users, and direct different users to different experiences based on their platform or other settings that you can specify in the Control Center project settings.

The source domain should be the public URL where people come to see your site. This is where the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript you host already lives, and it provides the source material that Moovweb will transform.

Project Configuration

The are three basic “project configurations” you can select from — Recommended, Mobile, and Tablet.

If the pre-defined project configurations don’t offer enough control, you can click on “advanced customization”. A new panel will open up offering a wide range of options. You can select from libraries and frameworks, including jQuery, Bourbon, and Uranium.

Tritium helpers add Tritium functions into your basic project. For example, the “Remove all styles” option adds the remove_all_styles() function to your html.ts file, removing all existing styles from the website you are working on. This can help start from a “clean slate” when transforming a site.

You can also select mixers for your project. You can read more about this in our documentation on the various mixers on offer.

Looking for the deprecated generate command from Moovweb 4.7 and earlier?

In Moovweb SDK versions earlier than Moovweb 5, you could use the moov generate command to create a project. The way to do that now is to use the Generate New Project feature in the Developer Dashboard. You can still review this archived document which describes the structure of a project and the styles of project that you could create, and how to use that command with older versions of the SDK.