Tritium Style Guide

Here are some guidelines on how you should write code when working on Moovweb projects. While these guidelines are somewhat arbitrary, they have served Moovweb well and help maintain consistency between projects.

Tritium Coding Style

Project Names

All project names should be lowercase. The name would ideally be the name of the primary website that is being transformed.

Naming Attributes

HTML Attributes

Unique attributes should be prefixed with “data-” in order to be HTML5-compliant.

CSS Attributes

When adding attributes, use a unique prefix to easily distinguish which attributes you have added (versus native attributes). A unique prefix to attributes also means there won’t be interference with classes/IDs already present on the page.

For example, instead of using “cool_class”, use “_cool_class”.

Read the full CSS style guide on the stylesheets page.

Syntax Files

We have created several Syntax Files to use with your favorite text editor. Please email us at if you have suggestions or requests!

Tritium Cheat Sheet

You may find this Tritium Cheat Sheet useful while transforming your projects.