Installing and Upgrading the Moovweb SDK


It’s easy to get started with the Moovweb SDK. Just go to the Downloads page and click Download SDK. Installation instructions will be provided for your OS on the download page. We fully support Mac, Windows, and Linux right out of the box.


We periodically release new versions of the SDK packed with new features. View the changelogs page for details about the latest release.

We try to make the process of upgrading as seamless as possible, but at times it can cause a couple of issues. Below is a summary of our recommendations for upgrading.

Do you have the moov gem installed?

In earlier versions of the Moovweb SDK, we supported intalling our software as a gem in Ruby. In order to take advantage of the latest features, it may be necessary to disable or uninstall any older gem versions of Moovweb you may have installed earlier.

gem uninstall moov

Moovweb Contract

The “Moovweb Contract” is our promise to you that if you keep the same mixers in your Mixer.lock file, everything will continue to work exactly the same in future versions of the SDK. As long as your mixer version is locked, you don’t have to worry:

Moovweb works very hard to make sure that old mixers work with new SDK versions. If for any reason you notice a discrepancy, please let us know by emailing

Thus, as long as your Mixer.lock file stays the same you can upgrade your SDK version without fear!

The flip-side of the “Moovweb Contract” is that when you upgrade your mixer, things may have changed. We try our best to make sure that new mixers are up to snuff, but sometimes we have to slightly change behavior with new mixers.

The upside is that new mixers come with new features (for example Basic Auth in the 4.2 release), but not all new features in mixers can be backwards-compatible. As a result, some mixers require a minimum version of the SDK. For example, if you try and run a newly created project with the newest mixer and running Moovweb version 4.1 it will not run.

Upgrade Instructions


Simply install the new version of the Mac installer. The old version will be removed automatically.


For Linux, return to the download page for Linux and re-install the deb package. The most recent downloaded Moovweb SDK will be the one that is used by the system.


On Windows, simply download the new version from the download page for Windows and begin installation. The new installation of the Moovweb SDK will overwrite your old installation.


If you’re using Brew, use the upgrade command:

brew upgrade

For upgrading an edge version of the SDK with Brew, use:

brew upgrade